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Sterling silver 999 silver inner cup handle cup Solid color handle thermos cup Home office mug

Sterling silver 999 silver inner cup handle cup Solid color handle thermos cup Home office mug

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Material: Metal

Origin: Mainland China

Shape: Handgrip

Purpose: universal

Drinkware Type: Mugs


Condition: 100% brand new

Material: 999 sterling silver

Craft: hand-made

Size, capacity, weight: as shown in the figure

Whether packing: exquisite gift box packing


1. Due to manual measurement, please allow 0-3cm error. Thank you for your understanding.

2. The monitor is not calibrated, and the color of the object shown in the photo may be slightly different from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.

The benefits of using silver tableware and silverware:

1. Silver is an inert metal and is not prone to chemical reactions, so it is not affected by heavy metals.

2. Silver has good heat dissipation, dissolving in water can reduce blood heat, and play a role in softening the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

3. The silver ions and sodium ions released by silver tea and tea can play a role in disinfection. A very small amount of silver is dissolved in water in the form of silver ions.

4. Silver ions can kill bacteria. As long as 200 ppb of silver ions per liter of water is sufficient to kill most bacteria. Silver tea is brewed with boiling water to make the water soft and thin.

5. Silverware can hold water, milk, soup, etc. for a long time, without moldy, fermentation, and smelly, and has sterilization and disinfection effects. Because silver can form trace amounts of silver ions in water, it will adsorb bacteria, inactivate enzymes that rely on respiration, and cause bacteria to die quickly.

6. Silver chopsticks, silver spoons, silver cups and other tableware can sterilize, activate cells, promote healthy detoxification, accelerate metabolism, and enhance disease resistance. Long-term use has the effect of enhancing energy and prolonging life.

7. Silver has strong bactericidal ability and is harmless to humans and animals. Currently, more than half of the airlines in the world use silver water filters. Swimming pools in many countries are also cleaned with silver. Purified water will not irritate swimmers' eyes and skin like chemically purified water.

Precautions for the

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